Revolutionary Girl Utena X Sailor Moon Crystal 

I’m excited about this for seriously good reasons:

The co-creator and some of the team members who worked on SailorMoonSuperS also worked on Utena. Obviously, they were part of the team again hence the above pictures.

Besides the obvious, I’ve already noticed another similarity: the way the episodes end. They’re creating a flow between the episodes and they have even referenced the first episode in the second one. It isn’t as choppy like the 90s version or a sitcom. It may actually turn in to be a REAL anime series! Holy shit. Although they’ve stuck to the same plot as the original anime, there is a noticeable added depth to it and they also made the relationships between characters more like they are in the manga…THANK YOU LORD. In the intro, Usagi blushes at Mamoru AS Mamoru…NOT Tuxedo Mask. Thanks for making me ship them even harder.

Also, Utena is a serious mind-fuck…and it’s possible that we may see the same sort, or at least a little bit, of depth to this series. It has so much potential it’s unreal.

Regardless…SMC was worth the wait. 

I don’t THINK there are any crossover staff this time around.
But I’m glad I’m not the only person who noticed the similarities!!! I was worried it was my imagination.