sometimes i look at all the pgsm on my dash and just wanna weep


WHY did this show get cancelled?????


why werent the ratings better???????

i consider PGSM one of the greatest if not the greatest additions to the BSSM canon universe. i will forever be grateful for the incredible character development, character pairings, and accurate depiction of rei hino.

as well as the wonderful cast that continues to slay in love and friendship 10 years after the fact.

but can u imagine if PGSM got to the black moon arc?! look at how they handled the shitennou and gave us mio idgaf i loved her

CAN U IMAGINE THE AYAKASHI SISTERS?! OMFG! ugh i would LOVE to see pgsm!usagi go toe to toe with prince demande. T___T

AND THEN THE OUTER SENSHI! *weeps for what should have been another dekaranger legacy*

True facts.